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  • Minalogic Business Meetings

    International Business Meetings for micro and nano-electronics, digital and software industry.
  • Micro and nano-electronics industry

    Healthcare, IT, Mobility and Connectivity, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, Imaging, Photonics and traditional industries
  • Digital and software industry

    Healthcare, IT, Mobility and Connectivity, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, Imaging, Photonics and traditional industries

Provisional list of Exhibitors MBM 2017

List of exhibitors attending Minalogic Business Meetings 2017

ABEEWAY   France www.abeeway.com
ADSITA   France www.adsita.com
ALPWISE   France www.alpwise.com
ANSEM NV   Belgium www.ansem.com
ANSYS   France www.ansys.com
APITRAK   France www.apitrak.com
APRO BASE INTERNATIONAL   France www.aprobase.com 
ARC EN CIEL SERIGRAPHIE    France www.arcenciel-serigraphie.fr
ARYBALLE TECHNOLOGIES   France www.aryballe-technologies.com
ASYGN   France www.asygn.com
ATOS   France http://fr.atos.net
BEELSE   France www.beelse.com
BESPOON   France www.bespoon.com
BiBOARD   France www.biboard.fr
CEA LETI    France www.leti.fr
CEA LITEN   France http://liten.cea.fr/cea-tech/liten
COMSOL FRANCE   France www.comsol.fr
COSERVIT   France www.coservit.fr
DOLPHIN INTEGRATION   France www.dolphin-integration.com
EBV ELEKTRONIK   France www.ebv.com
ENERBEE   France www.enerbee.fr
ENOVASENSE   France www.enovasense.com
EOLANE   France www.eolane.com
FEMTO ENGINEERING   France www.femto-engineering.fr
GLOBEVIP   France www.eyesnap.fr
HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS FRANCE   France www.hamamatsu.com
HARDIS   France www.hardis-group.com
ICSENSE   Belgium www.icsense.com
ID3 TECHNOLOGIES   France www.id3.eu
IMEC VZW   Belgium www.imec-int.com
INVENTHYS   France www.inventhys.com
IRLYNX   France www.irlynx.com
ISORG   France www.isorg.fr
JNC CORPORATION   Germany www.jnc-corp.co.jp
LACROIX ELECTRONICS   France www.lacroix-electronics.fr
LINXENS LIGHTING   France www.linxens.com
MAATEL   France www.maatel.com
MAGILLEM   France www.magillem.com
MICROSS COMPONENTS SAS   France www.micross.com
MINIMENTO   France www.minimento.fr
MORPHOSENSE   France www.morphosense.com
MU-TEST   France www.mu-test.com
NEOVISION   France www.neovision.fr
OPTO FRANCE   France www.opto.de
OROS   France www.oros.com
OVERSCAN   France www.overscan.com
PHI DESIGN   France www.phi-design.com
PRESTO ENGINEERING SAS   USA www.presto-eng.com
PROBAYES   France www.probayes.com
PYXALIS   France www.pyxalis.com
REACTIV'IP   France www.reactivip.com
RTONE   France www.rtone.fr
SMART ME UP   France www.smartmeup.io
SPIE ICS   France www.spie-ics.com
TAIPRO ENGINEERING   Belgium www.taipro.be
TERABEE SAS   France www.teraranger.com
TFE - Thin Film Equipment Srl   Italy www.thinfilmequipment.net
THALES MICROELECTRONICS SAS   France www.thalesgroup.com/microelectronics
TILKEE   France www.tilkee.fr
WATCH LIVE   France www.watchlive.fr
WITEKIO   France www.witekio.com
WYRES   France www.wyres.eu


Suppliers' list


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of Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

at GRENOBLE (Maison Minatec)

08h - 09h :
Participant registration
09h - 13h :
One-to-one meetings / Conferences
13h - 14h :
Lunch (buffet)
14h - 17h30 :
One-to-one meetings / Conferences

Up to 14 appointments throughout the course of the day, either in a fully equipped booth or "B-to-B" space, according to a schedule organized by you and for you. 

Conferences program in 2016

Seven fields (*) covered by MINALOGIC Business Meetings

  • ICT (Information, Communication Technology),
  • Healthcare,
  • Energy,
  • Construction,
  • Advanced manufacturing,
  • Transportation,
  • Sports & Outdoor.

(*) Technical skills section of the exhibitors' and contractors' registration forms. 

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